大胆爱玩的嫂子。又怂又软的男主。如果这都留不住您 那一定是您自己的原因。有条件的大哥多多支持。没条件的跟亲戚朋友周转一下😂感恩每一位雪中送炭的大哥🙏

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大厅乖乖的宝贝 △有礼貌 △不要求免费 △在大厅中的过分的谈话会被禁言 △请尊重大厅我的国王、王子、领主、骑士 △请不要盗刷别人的信用卡来支持 △请勿在我房间提其他平台。 △good form △No charge required △Dirty conversations in my room will be banned △Please respect my knight and others in my room △Please don't support me by stealing other people's credit cards △良好な形式 △料金はかかりません △私の部屋での汚い会話は禁止されています △私の騎士と私の部屋の他の人を尊重してください △私が他人のクレジットカードを盗むのを支持しないでください。 △좋은 형식 △요금 없음 △내 방에서 더러운 얘기 금지야. △제 기사와 제 방에 있는 다른 사람들을 존중해 주세요 △다른 사람의 신용카드를 훔치는 것을 지지하지 마십시오
我很开心我们能遇见,你可以在我的直播间玩的很开心,并尝试所有好玩有趣的事情 别害羞!你想问我什么都可以! I am so happy to have you here where you could have some fun and to try all the naughty things . Don’t be shy! Feel free to ask me anything you like !

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嫂子喝啤酒drink bee20
秀脚 show feet22
舌吻tonsil hockey33
(脱)换(穿)丝袜Put on stockings or t58
麻花腿Twist leg28
自己舔脚Lick one's own feet38
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哥给嫂子舔脚I licked my sister-in-la38
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酸奶口玩具Yogurt mouth toy88
看看小奶Look at the breast99
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特写镜头close-up view108
高跟鞋high-heeled shoes66
舔嫂子逼逼Oral sex pussy118
舔菊花(可指定)Oral anal sex128
女口男3分钟A woman gives a man oral188
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