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Office, Massage, Erotic Dance, 诗诗专属诱惑 中英文dirty talk, wonderwoman cos, 短发shorthair, 汉服Chinese traditonal cosplay, 詩秘書不可詩意的騎乘夜 riding on u, 轻度SM调教 Light BDSM, 精油按摩 cil massage
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Tenant rules: △Polite △No free △Don’t be rude, ask and complain △Don't complain about my price △ Dirty conversations in the lobby will be muted △Please respect my knight and others in the hall △No meeting, no public gatherings, etc. 房间规则: △有礼貌 △不要求免费 △不要粗鲁,要求和抱怨 △不要抱怨关于我的价格 △在大厅中的肮脏的谈话会被禁言 △請尊重大廳我的骑士和其他人 △不可以见面,不公开聚会等
小主播生活不易,請不要刷來路不明的幣!!!! 真的很感謝! 也可能你是被騙了,購買了代充的黑幣,快去退款!! 你的帳號可能會囙此被封禁。 謝謝理解~愛你們!! It's not easy for a small anchor to live, please don't swipe coins from unknown sources !!!! Really appreciate it! It's also possible that you were scammed and purchased black coins on behalf of your account, get a refund! Your account may be banned for this. Thanks for understanding~ Love you guys!
连续五个月进月榜前30名~ Entered into GLOBAL top 30 in the top models of the site of the months from November to March (^_^)v

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👑点歌songs(不唱)国王专属only for king99
🔢给哥哥发射倒计时Moaning Countdown99
💛丝袜+高跟鞋 high heels+stockings128
💛小狗趴 doggy pose128
🎄上帝視角口哥哥大棒棒30s blowjob199
💛足交哥哥棒棒30s footjob199
💛M腿20秒 M leg 20s199
💛嘴巴塞小内裤 不许说话Mouthful of pant199
💛给哥哥的大棒棒评分(绝对公平公正)dick rating199
💛看看内内 panty199
💛上帝视角北半球 half of boobies199
🎄現場換丁字褲Change Thongs200
💛叫爸爸/主人 Call me daddy/ DM288
💛kiyomi/老公天下第一/喊麦 talent show288
🎄切换桌下偷窥视角20s peep under desk299
💛骚骚舞一分钟hot dance399
🎄看看光屁屁Look at the bare butt.399
💛把光屁屁打到粉色spankass to pink599
💛屁屁特写抹油 oil on ass zoomin666
🎄男友视角上位骑乘抖动30s riding on u599
💛锁喉高潮脸口水流下来 ahegao droolin599
💛女王视角裙底风光骚骚舞upskirt dance599
💛震动刺激乳头一分钟 vibration on nippl599
💛超近距离探索全身呻吟 body tour599
💛男友后入视角乳液蹭大棒棒behind cums flow666
🎄屁屁怼镜头深蹲*5 ass to cam squats666
🎄手伸进内内揉豆豆舔掉蜜汁taste pussyjuice666
💛M腿哥哥大棒棒蹭蹭下面 dick rubbing pus666
💛换一套情趣制服 Change costume688
🎁999枝玫瑰 999roses999
🎁诗诗,我一直都在~ Always with Ceci ♥1314
💛休息一天 day off13140
🎁喏~零用钱宝宝拿去花 SPOIL ME😘26666

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